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From requirements to test…
Optimize your test process with Model-Based Testing

CertifyIt support business process and business rules representation to drive automated test generation. Test cases, requirements traceability and test scripts are automatically generated and maintained to accelerate your functional test cycles.

CertifyIt supports your approach towards industrialisation and optimisation of the test process and helps you to create and maintain a quality test repository based on business requirements and risk analysis.

Enable a constructive collaboration between business, development and testing teams
  • Formalize graphically the business processes of the application-under-test
  • Define the application business rules and functional behaviour
  • Detect possible inconsistencies in the description of the expected application behaviour
Improve quality of your applications
  • Set priority scoring on the functional scope to be tested
  • Ensure that the designed test cases properly cover the functional needs
  • Have all information and techniques to design your test scenarios ready at hand in CertifyIt
Reduce cost
  • Automatically generate the test plan and all the test scenarios
  • Populate your test repository with scenarios adapted to the people that will execute them
  • Publish your test scenarios in script format for your test automation tool together with the reusable keyword library
  • Implement the functional changes of the application through a unique point of maintenance in CertifyIt
  • Visualize the impact of a change in your scenarios and update your test repository at a click of a button
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