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Smartesting Solutions & Services offers its expertise in model-based testing deployment projects and its knowledge of the application development lifecycle to provide companies with practical, responsive, and effective testing processes.

Our team of experienced test consultants can train and support your team to implement an efficient requirements-to-tests & model-based testing process in your organization.



Smartesting Consulting team helps you to maximize the return on your investment and to drive the adoption of model-based testing into your organization. Our consultants are trained and experienced to deliver focused solutions, provide effective guidance, as well as tactical delivery for a successful implementation of model-based testing in your organization.

Technical Expertise
  • Coaching on modeling / CertifyIt model architecture
  • Integration in the test process
  • Knowledge transfer on model-based testing methodology
Development of Model-Based Testing projects
  • Provide Smartesting resources in resource augmentation model
  • Legacy test repository optimization with Impulse solution
Integration development
  • For publishing into repositories and automation tools
  • For connecting to requirement and business process management tools
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Improve your team's skills and software quality through targeted model-based testing training. Our training courses have been designed to cater to the needs of teams that want to improve their test process with model-based testing. The first course – "Model-based Testing Essentials" provides all you need to prepare MBT introduction. The second course – "CertifyIt for Test Analysts" provides skills to effectively create and maintain MBT models using established techniques and best practices.

Model-Based Testing Essentials
Duration: 2 days

Business outcomes

In this training, you learn how to apply and integrate model-based testing in your test process, and the best practices to industrialize your test process from requirement to tests. You'll also learn about ROI factors of model-based testing and key rules of MBT tool introduction.

Course outline

Day 1
  • Motivations for model-based testing, expected benefits and typical pitfalls
  • Integration of model-based testing in your software lifecycle development process (phased or agile)
  • Basics of MBT modeling activities
Day 2
  • Best practices of modeling for MBT
  • MBT test selection criteria and automated test generation
  • Reporting and monitoring the test process with model-based testing
  • Best practices for introducing and deploying model-based testing in your environment
CertifyIt for Test Analysts
Duration: 4 days

Business outcomes

This training provides direct insight into what exactly is required in the work place when deploying model-based testing in your own test process. You'll learn how to analyze requirements, generate test cases, and monitor your test objective achievement with CertifyIt. The practical approach we adopt for this course is exactly what you need for direct immediate application in your own projects.

Course outline

Day 1
  • From requirement to tests: Concept overview
Day 2 & 3
  • Modeling and Test Generation Techniques (labs)
  • Best practices of modeling for MBT (labs)
  • Reporting and monitoring (labs)
Day 4
  • Test automation techniques
  • Publishing test in your repository
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